Strong Features that Emanate Awesomeness

School Calendar

It assists in uploading and viewing the academic calendar. The module allows course scheduling, faculty planning and boosts the efficiency of the teachers.

Social Platform

Social Platform

ERP system is connected to the social media for effective advertising of the educational institution. It plays an important role in boosting the business by engaging prospective students and teachers.


Student Information System

Availability of the student information at one place enhances the functional efficiency of the education institution. It integrates fees, attendance and results module into a single application.


Teacher Information System

A centralized repository of teacher’s information along with their qualifications, experience and designation streamlines the functional procedures of the school and increases efficiency.

HR Management

Human Resource

It keeps track of the attendance and pay roll of the staff including teachers. The system enhances the efficiency of the administrative and business operations of the educational institution

Examination System

Examination System

ERP assists in creating examination papers, stores academic marks and automatically generates result sheet to be emailed to the parents for further analysis. Attendance performance of each student can be monitored regularly using the system.

Time Table Management

Timetable Schedules

System ensures Efficient and dynamic class scheduling of the teachers and subjects. It not only checks the attendance of the students but also monitors the performance of the teachers.

Attendance Management

Smart Attendance

Tracking of the individual attendance of each student assists in enhancing their efficiency. It helps in identifying the attendance pattern and find ways to improve the performance.

Transport Management


ERP application incorporates GPS in school buses to create an efficient vehicle tracking management system. Location updates are automatically sent to the administrators on a regular basis.

acc&payroll Management


Cash flow statements are generated automatically to reveal income and expenses within a given financial year. It can seamlessly integrate with other accounting applications such as TALLY and QUICKBOOKS.

Fees Management


Facilitates the automatic creation of fees invoices and sends them to the parents via email. All pending invoices are flagged and administrators are subsequently notified. It assists in enhancing the total collections of the educational, institution.

Leave Management

Leave Management

It saves time, sends automated email request for leave and helps the management in finding the leave balance of each staff. The system keeps track of the absent employees and sends alert to the administrator.

Customized Module

Customized Module

Customized module makes the system robust and scalable to accommodate large database. Each feature can be personalized depending on the requirements of the educational institution.

Report Generation

Improved Report Generation

It keeps track of the users logging into the system. Administrators use the application to analyze the system performance. Best Analytics offer one stop solution for the teachers and students to optimize class and examination scheduling while parents can have a snapshot of the students performance.