Users visiting the website www.educloudway.net make sure that they abide by the terms and conditions which are listed here. It is mandatory for everyone to follow the same.

The service providers of EduCloudWay are free to make any kind of changes to the terms and conditions. If there is any modification, the same will be reflected on our page and you will be intimated about it. So it will be good if you regularly visit our page for all the latest updates related to the website. The latest version of the terms and conditions will be available on the official website www.educloudway.net.

We are very stringent about the terms and conditions and if any person or group of persons is found violating them, your account will be suspended and you will not be able to access the services. The content present on the website cannot be copied, edited without any prior permission. If you are using any of our services, you are responsible for it and not the service provider.

Basic Terms & Conditions

  • No client is allowed to harass or misbehave with the service provider as well as the others who are using the service.
  • It is necessary to agree with the terms and conditions in order to continue using our services. If at any point of time, you disagree with it, just stop the services immediately. Only those who agree with the same are allowed to access the services.
  • You should not misuse the service in any way but follow the rules and regulations strictly.
  • Once you agree to the terms and conditions of EduCloudWay.net, it means that you will have to follow the laws laid down by the Republic Of India. In case of any dispute, instant action will be taken by the service provider as well as the government.
  • You are solely responsible for the activities taking place through your account and in no way the service provider will help you in this concern.
  • The signup process should be taken seriously and genuine information should be provided to register under the website.
  • You must ensure complete security of your password in order to avoid unauthorized use of your account In case you come across any problem; you are free to intimate the same to the service provider so that the action can be taken.
  • One account should be used by a single person only as multiple people cannot access the single account. However you can create many login ids and accounts to avail the different services.
  • It is your duty to maintain the confidentiality of your account. The service provider is not responsible of any damage or unauthorized use of your account.

Upgrading, Downgrading And Refund Rules

  • If you downgrade your service, you may lose content and other features for which the service provider will not be responsible.
  • The service charges are billed on a yearly basis in advance so you cannot ask for the refund. Even if you use the services for a few months, the refund facility is not allowed.
  • In case of upgrade and downgrade of any service, you will be charged as per the new rates and will be deducted from the credit card.
  • The fee includes all types of taxes levied by the government and all the clients need to pay them.

Cancelation And Termination

  • The service provider has the freedom to terminate or deactivate your account due to any of the reasons. In this case, you will no more be able to access the account as well as the services associated with it. The decision of the service provider is final and you will not be able to avail the services in future as well.
  • If you cancel your account, it will be suspended at the earliest. So it will be better if you are well familiar with the cancellation process.
  • If you do not want to continue with our services, cancel it before the next billing cycle or you will be charged again and no refund will be made.
  • If the account is deleted or canceled, you will not be able to recover the information thereby losing everything your account has.

Modification Terms

  • ExceptThe service provider is not responsible to any client for the price change in the service, its termination or modification of the same.
  • The services can be suspended or terminated by the service provider at any point of time without notifying the client about it.
  • If any point the prices of the services are changed, it will be intimated to all the clients prior 30 days of starting them. For more updates, you can always visit the website to get the latest details.
  • All the content that is available under your account is your own property and you are liable for it. You are free to edit the settings of your account and open your profile to public so that it is viewed by everyone.

Content Terms

  • The client is not allowed to post any content which is harmful for the others and also cause any threat to the privacy of other people using the services of our website.
  • All the content available on the website is safeguarded through copyright and so no one can edit, change, sell, lease etc the information present on the website. You need to seek the permission of the owner for any activity related to the content.
  • If any content is found violating the terms and conditions or is inappropriate, it can be removed or deleted from the website without the consent of the client. The service provider can take this decision.
  • If any content is found violating the terms and conditions or is inappropriate, it can be removed or deleted from the website without the consent of the client. The service provider can take this decision.

General Terms

  • If you are using our services it is at your own responsibility as the service provider will not be held liable for any problem.
  • If you are in need of any technical support, you are to contact us via email
  • Some of the things which are not promised by the service provider include:-
    • The services provided to the client will be seamless, error free, secure and meeting your deadlines.
    • If there are any issues related to the operation of the service, the same will be corrected as soon as possible.
    • The requirements of the client should be strictly met in order to make them happy.
    • The information provided by the client should be true and updated.
  • There will be no warranty on the different kinds of services provided to the client except the ones mentioned in the agreement.
  • The service provider is not responsible for any kind of loss related to the content, money or business reputation of the client. This damage includes the following.
    • Damage occurred due to the unauthorized use of your account by sharing your id and password.
    • Damage due to the modifications made in the services of the client by the service provider.
    • Damage due to the client’s failure for not providing the correct information in the account to the service provider.
    • Damage occurred due to the temporary suspension of the services given to the client..
    • Damage due to the loss, deletion or modification of the client’s content and the inability to restore it.
  • In no way you are allowed to modify the services so that it appears similar to another website or its services.
  • If there is any issue or dispute related to the service provider, the same has to be resolved through negotiation or the party can even contact the High Court for it.
  • You must be aware that the service providers take the help of other vendors and third party for the different software, hardware etc which are needed for networking and technologies used in the different services.
  • If the agreement is available in different languages other than English, there are chances that it may not be the same and there can be a few contradictions as well. So in such a case the English version should be considered over the translated one.
  • You cannot copy, sell, reproduce or exploit the services in any way unless you have taken the permission from the service provider or the concerned person liable for it.
  • The terms and conditions are subjected to the laws of Republic of India.
  • The client should inform the service provider as well as the other associates related to the website about the claim, damage or the loss which they have incurred while using the services.
  • The service provider is free to remove any content from your account if it is found unlawful, obscene or threatening. The content in no way should harm the third part or any person enjoying the services through our website.
  • The agreement of any service is between you and the service provider. So others are not liable for it and in case the service provider is not able to exercise the same, there should be no waiver for it.
  • The client should provide the permission to the service provider so that they can send notices, emails, notifications and other stuff to you as per the requirement.
  • You are not allowed to post any message o spam content on the website via your account.
  • You are denied to send any worm or virus through the content or other sources which can harm the website or are destructive in nature.
  • The service provider is not liable for any kind of damage and it should be considered a part of the agreement.
  • The technical processing as well as the transmission of the service may be transferred to other networks in unencrypted form. Also for the changes so as to integrate it with the changing requirements of the devices as well as the networks.